How To Enlarge Your Penis- Does Penis Products Work- The Flaccid Jackit- FAQ

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1) Can I still urinate while wearing the " Flaccid Jackit " ?

Yes. The " Flaccid Jackit " does not stop urinary flow. Plus in time, it can actually help the urinary flow. For more info, go to uriquest to see the " Uri-Ban ".


2) If I get an erection while wearing the Flaccid Jackit; Will it trap the blood in my penis?

No: Due to it’s stretchable technology, the Flaccid Jackit allows the blood to flow regularly


3) Will I see flaccid gains after awhile?

Yes: Please see home page for more info


4) Will I see erect gains after awhile?

Even though we do not advertise erection enlargement; It has been told that in some cases the Flaccid Jackit does help with that. Please see Testomonial page for more info


5)Does swimming with the Flaccid Jackit on makes the Jackits deteriorate quicker?

Yes: So if you do a lot of swimming than you should place a order once every 2 months


6) Is the Flaccid Jackit easy to conceal in public restrooms?

Yes. Simply fully cover the Jackit with one or both hands while urinating


7) Are they easy to take off?

Yes. Depending on the length of your Jackit; simply fold in half and use both hands to stretch it outwards and pull your member out


8) Should I keep my fingernails short to help preserve the Jackit?

Yes. Shorter fingernails are usually better when handling the Jackit


9) Does it hurt when wearing it?

No. The Flaccid Jackit is so comfortable that you sometimes forget that you’re wearing it.


10) Does it help with turtle neck penises ?

Yes: Just cut desired length then manually stretch your member to full flaccid, then make sure the jackit covers a good portion of your member.


11) Does it shrink the size of your girth?

No.The Flaccid Jackit is stretchable and does not shrink the size of your girth 


12)What if I need a longer Jackit?

It’s simple. Cut the 2nd Jackit to desired length and wear it in conjunction with the 1st Jackit.


13) Should I get use to them before wearing them in public?

You don't have to. But that decision is totally up to you


14) Is it safe to take supplements like L-Argine while wearing theFlaccid Jackit ?

Answer: Yes: The Flaccid Jackit combined with supplements such as L-Argine can help your permanent gains come along quicker


15) Is the " Flaccid Jackit " and " Uri-Ban " the exact same thing?

Answer: Yes. The only difference is if your looking for flaccid elongation, you come to and get the " Flaccid Jackit " but for those looking for relief for certain urinary problems, they go uriquest for the  Uri-Ban . So they are exactly the same thing but they just promote two different concerns. So feel free to buy from either site for either purpose.


16) Can I go swimming while wearing the " Flaccid Jackit "?

Answer: Yes. The "Flaccid Jackit" in it's durable stage will not come off while swimming. So feel free to enjoy the "Pool Parties".


17) How long does each " Jackit " last for ?

Answer: Depending on usage; each " Jackit " should last 3 months. Now since you get (4) full length Flaccid Jackits for $19.95 that means that you should have a good 1 year supply.


18) Is the " Flaccid Jackit " refundable?

Answer: No. Due to the product's sensitivity nature, The "Flaccid Jackit" is not refundable.


19) Is it safe for my skin?

Answer: Yes. The " Flaccid Jackit " is 100% Hypoallergenic silicone.


20) What if I want to buy the " Flaccid Jackit ", but have certain urinary problems?

Answer: Then simply go to uriquest for the "Uri-Ban" and see if it will work for you.


21) Is the buying process discreet?

Answer: Yes. All credit cards statements and package arrivals will be under the name of the "Quest Group".


22) The " Jackits " look pretty long; Are they one size fit all?

Answer: Yes. As far as length is concerned; simply cut down The Jackit to the desired length. As far as width is concerned; The Jackit compresses enough for smaller diameter penises and is stretchable enough for bigger diameter penises.


23) How do I clean and maintain the " Flaccid Jackit " ?

Answer: Simply use a damp wash cloth. Wipe down, and let it dry; Also store safe and keep it away from dusty areas.