Flaccid Jackit Testimonials !

@flaccidjackit.com. Thank you. I must admit that at first I was somewhat skeptical; but now I must admit that getting the Flaccid Jackit was one of the best decisions I ever made (regarding flaccid elongation).. Ever since my first purchase, I have been 100% more confident during business deals as well as having more enjoyable times during social gatherings. My wife has also noticed that I am more fun to hang out with when we go to social events. Btw: I am starting to notice my erections are becoming more enlarged. I will be placing another order soon. Thanks again. -Dave-

@flaccidjackit.com. I really love your Jackits. While growing up, everybody thought I was endowed because I am African American. But in actuality, being born with a big member was not the case for me. Now even though when fully erect I was close to 8 inches, I still had a (in my mind) a sub-par flaccid. But now with the Jackit along with a daily dose of L-Argine, I now feel like a porn star. Lol. I will definitely order again. -Paul-

@flaccidjackit.com. Thanks for selling 4 full length Flaccid Jackits for such a low price. I have been looking all over for similar products, but they’re either too expensive or not durable enough. Now I can feel free to use 1 Jackit for when I am doing P.E, plus have one for when going to pool gatherings, plus one for daily use, and then one just in case.Thanks -Dan-

@flaccidjackit.com. Lol. Instead of calling it a 4 pack you should call it a 8 pack. Since I am not that big, I just cut 1 Jackit in half. Which to me means that your 4 pack is now a 8 pack. Lol. But hopefully that will change in time. Thanks a lot. -Steve-

@flaccidjackit.com: Thank you for keeping things so discreet. And I must admit that I think its cool that since you guys sell the Uri-Ban from uriquest for urinary relief ; that anytime I am ever exposed while wearing the Flaccid Jackit. I can just tell them it’s a Uri-Ban for urinary relief and they would never think anything of it. Much appreciated. -Richard-

The RJx Extender Testimonials !

@flaccidjackit.com. Good look on the RJx. I was eyeballing something similar but getting this plus the FJx for $150 total was the best purchase I made in a while. -Dale-

@flaccidjackit.com. I was able to hang 8lbs on the RJx but think I should get something more secure for heavy hanging. But I like not having to keep switching equipment. Thank you -Jake-

@flaccidjackit.com. Very discreet in public and I sometimes forget that I have it on. It didn't take long to adapt to at all. -Kenny-

@flaccidjackit.com. Them noose extenders use to make me go numb too quickly. But your extender does the trick in the comfort department. JT

@flaccidjackit.com. I just learned how to take the cap on and off without hesitation. But I should have just took the time and looked at the instructions and 5 minute video. -Harold-

@flaccidjackit.com. Y'all do such good customer service with the FJx that I didn't need to hesitate to get the RJx. And I'm still smiling weeks after purchase. -Dontae-

@flaccidjackit.com. Similar items are too expensive or no instructions nor video or just not a complete set. I was about to buy something similar but it didn't come with the extender or pictures or anything.Thank you. -Eric-

The FJx Stretcher Testimonials !

@flaccidjackit.com. Dude I just gained close to 3 inches in erect length in 5 months by simply working my penis out with your device while also doing simple daily regiments. The workout video and tips also helped me to know which routines would work better. Plus when hanging and strap-stretching I would do it while in the twist bundled position that y'all suggested and that helped get my first 1 inch erect gain in the first 5 weeks. Now the other 2 inches took a while. But I still cant believe I gained 2.75 inches in 5 months. I will now focus on gaining a half inch more and then my girth. Thank you. Btw. You guys were right when y'all said that it's similar to how people workout daily to get faster muscle gains. Thanks for waking me up and getting me focus to stop procrastinating by getting your FJx workout device and putting it to use -Dale-

@flaccidjackit.com. I must say that you guy's new FJx Stretcher is definitely worth it. Especially when I'm doing the twist bundles. I can literally feel my penis stretch with each pull. Thanks. -Ted-

@flaccidjackit.com. In regards to the FJx. Thank you for the video. I cant wait to make up my own hour routine. Plus the Behind The Cheek pulls are awesome. -Jose-

@flaccidjackit.com. I've only been using The FJx Stretcher for a week. But I notice that I'm now able to add a notch to my extender. So now I use the FJx for 30minutes and then I relax in my extender. Thank you. -Tim-

@flaccidjackit.com. I never thought about penile weight hanging until after I seen the FJx video. And now I like to hang with the Fjx device after doing my Fjx exercises. Much appreciated -Paul-

@flaccidjackit.com. This device isn't bad for $45. I like the provided accessories as well. I really like using the leg strap for my behind the cheek focus pull. So I do the Btc and then attach the strap to hold it there in that behind the cheek position. Lol. I can literally feel my base pulling out my pubic fat pad region. -Kyle-