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                                                                                   ( Daily Flaccid Elongation: Permanent Enlargement )

   #1 Male-Enlargement UnderGarment !   

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               Please Note: It does'nt matter if you're a Celebrity or a Regular Average Joe

  The "Flaccid Jackit" is there for you !

Now the "Flaccid Jackit" is a male (Enlargement)

under-garment that is guaranteed to do 6 things:                               

1) Easily help most men maintain a more (than normal) elongated flaccid penis throughout the day.

2) Easily help most men permanently enlarge the bare-minimum length of their flaccid penis (without P.E)

3) Help provide superb comfort when ever doing certain P.E activities

4) Easily help give relief to certain prostate & urinary problems

5) Help eliminate certain insecurities caused by your bare-minimum flaccid length

6) Easily help eliminate retraction after penile surgery  


What exactly is the " Flaccid Jackit " ?

For the most part; the " Flaccid Jackit " is a (soft, comfortable, stretchable, safe, full length, silicone) constriction band that helps eliminate your penis ability to shrink to it's bare-minimum level, but while still at the same time allowing blood to flow throughout your penis.


How does it work for daily flaccid elongation & permanent enlargement ?

Daily Elongation

Well for simpler terms, let's use the following example.Now let's say you have a 4 inch (full length flaccid) but your (bare-minimum flaccid length) is 1 inch. Then simply cut the ' Flaccid Jackit " to a 3 inch length and put it on. Now once that is done you can now be happy to know that due to the Flaccid Jackit's comfortable constriction technology; your 1 inch (bare-minimum flaccid length) should now be a 3 inch (bare-minimum flaccid length).  

Permanent Enlargement

Now as far as the permanent solution goes. Since your flaccid penis (while wearing the Flaccid Jackit) will constantly be elongated throughout the day; in time will allow for your inner penile tissue and cells to stretch, which in turn will now leave your penis with the capability to hold more blood which ultimately leaves you with a (more than normal) elongated flaccid with-out the use of the Flaccid Jackit. 


So with out further due; 5 signs why the "Flaccid Jackit" may be right for you:

1) Are you somewhat content with your erect penis length, but not so thrilled with your bare-minimum flaccid penis length?

2) Are you tired of your inability to control where and when your flaccid penis decides to go into bare-minimum mode?

3) Would you like a longer flaccid but can't risk going through your regular day with heavy, noticeable, uncomfortable gadgets hooked   up to your penis?

4) Are you tired of feeling insecure at the most vulnerable places and times due to your bare-minimum flaccid length? (eg: beaches, bars,meetings, social gatherings, work place, while swimming, public places, etc)? 

5) Are you content and happy with your flaccid penis but still just want to make it bigger? 


*Well if you answered yes to one of the previous questions; Then the "Flaccid Jackit" maybe right for you*


Last but not least; 11 Main questions that customers usually ask before buying the " Flaccid Jackit " :


1) Can I still urinate while wearing the " Flaccid Jackit " ?

Answer: Yes. The " Flaccid Jackit " does not stop urinary flow. Plus in time, it can actually help the urinary flow.


2) Is it safe to take supplements like L-Argine while wearing the " Flaccid Jackit "?

Answer: Yes: The Flaccid Jackit combined with supplements such as L-Argine can help your permanent gains come along quicker

3) Is the " Flaccid Jackit " and " Uri-Ban " the exact same thing?

Answer: Yes. The only difference is if your looking for flaccid elongation, you come to and get the " Flaccid Jackit " but for those looking for relief for certain urinary problems, they go to for the " Uri-Ban ". So they are exactly the same thing but they just promote two different concerns. So feel free to buy from either site for either purpose.


4) Can I go swimming while wearing the " Flaccid Jackit "?

Answer: Yes. The "Flaccid Jackit" in it's durable stage will not come off while swimming. So feel free to enjoy the "Pool Parties".


5) How long does each " Jackit " last for ?

Answer: Depending on usage; each " Jackit " should last 3-6 months. Now since you get (4) full length " Flaccid Jackits " for $19.95 means that you should have atleast a good 12 month supply.


6) Is the " Flaccid Jackit " refundable?

Answer: No. Due to the product's sensitivity nature, The "Flaccid Jackit" is not refundable.


7) Is it safe for my skin?

Answer: Yes. The " Flaccid Jackit " is 100% Hypoallergenic silicone


8) What if I want to buy the " Flaccid Jackit ", but have certain urinary problems?

Answer: Then simply go to for the "Uri-Ban" and see if it will work for you.


9) Is the buying process discreet?

Answer: Yes. All credit cards statements and package arrivals will be under the name of the "Quest Group"


10) The " Jackits " look pretty long; Are they one size fit all?

Answer: Yes. As far as length is concerned; simply cut down The Jackit to the desired length. As far as width is concerned; The Jackit compresses enough for smaller diameter penises and is stretchable enough for bigger diameter penises. 


11) How do I put on the " Flaccid Jackit " ?

Answer: Please see the bottom of this page, to see how you put the Flaccid Jackit on.

Last Note: Before ordering; Please make sure you agree to the following:   


1) All orders are securely done through PayPal or it's alternatives

2) All orders ship the next business day, but can take up to 15 business days to ship ( due to product availibility)

3) Due to the sensitive nature of the Product; There are No Refunds

4) The Flaccid Jackit is a novelty that is worn on your own discretion; and we are not liable for any mis-haps or mis-use

5)  All orders are discreet and will be billed and shipped under the name Quest Group


Now Don't Delay; Order your ( 4 pack ) Full Length " Flaccid Jackits "  for $19.95  Today !



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        Flaccid Jackit's Customer's Testimonial Photos: 


 Daily flaccid elongation & permanent enlargement(without P.E)                  


              Before Usage                         During Usage                      Before Usage                              During usage 


 Added extra support and comfort for those that like to do P.E


                               Extension comfort                                 Hanging comfort



 Photos for How to put on the "Flaccid Jackit"



1) Cut to desired length               2) Fold upwards          3) Stretch as needed, insert penis, adjust, unfold



Now Don't Delay; Order your ( 4 pack ) Full Length  " Flaccid Jackits "  for $19.95  Today !




  (For International orders; Go to our New Link (Page) or click here to order now)